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Katie Holmes Amp Victoria Beckham Fashion Campaign Showdown

Cranking the sex appeal and following the footsteps of her husband David Beckham Victoria has launched an advertising campaign for underwear where Emporio Armani leaves little to the imagination in an elegant and intimate bra combo. Celebrity pals Katie Holme and Victoria Beckham are known to borrow from and influence one another when it comes to trends in style, and now the two friends are launching campaigns to fashion, the same day! Katie Holmes has launched a fashion forward chic ad Miu Miu where they are in a golden hued dress folds.
20.1.09 08:45

Kenny Chesney Coming To Mohegan Sun

50. For $ 125, $ 110 and $ 95. M. Tickets are on sale Friday at 10 to. Kenny Chesney spends a lot of time playing in Connecticut, which certainly won t change in 2009: The country opens his star Sun City tour Carnival April 17-18 at Mohegan Sun, with openers Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum. Hard-rockers 3 Doors Down are February. 27 with Hoobastank, tickets are on sale Monday at 10 a.. For $ 45. Morrissey is next to the MGM Grand at Foxwoods March 28, tickets are $ 45, $ 35 and $ 25. George Thorogood and the destroyers perform March 13 at Foxwoods Resort Casino, tickets are $ 33 and $ 27. M.
20.1.09 08:45

Katy Perry Kenny Chesney To Perform At Grammys

8. From the perspective of the same sex kissing cake to a pop-star Caribbean loving country, this year Grammy performers will be an eclectic group. Nominees Katy Perry, Kenny Chesney, Coldplay Lil Wayne , which is for eight awards and Jonas Brothers will take the stage at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. As an artist and songwriter. You ve always dreamed of being nominated for a Grammy, said Nick Jona to be appointed, with its brothers in the best new artist category. And if we win wow, that would be incredible .
20.1.09 08:45

Pga Tour 2009 A Brand New Start

The PGA Tour regular season begins today with the Sony Open in Hawaii, and if it is not Tiger Wood t yet ready to return from a knee injury, there are many players in top flight and storylines to go around him until not return.
20.1.09 08:45

Paula Abduls Sexy Loose Low Ponytail Hairstyle

You can also use this hair for clothing, office or a night with the girls! The versatility in low hair type ponytail is endless! Ponytail hairstyles, in general, can be used for any occasion and that is what is so great about them! You can fashion a tail of a horse with your needs hair pulled back tight, adding bursts, leaving down to strands curl or loosely with a fastening clip, hair or piece of tape of your choice!. This haircut I think that fits very well Paula Abdul. Although it is very easy to do on its own hair curling the bottom half of the hair and then loosely fastening down the back of this has created a haircut very sexy! This haircut is like a perfect marriage of cutting hair, prom hair, and any event or gala.
20.1.09 08:45

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